12:12 am - Sunday November 19, 2017

Vladimir Kuzyutkin: If there is Nataliya Goncharova and Irina Voronkova, why do we need Natalia Malykh?

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Head coach of the Russian national volleyball team Vladimir Kuzyutkin commented on the decision, why not to call the opposite hitter Natalya Malykh in the national team.

“Well, how can Malykh compete with Goncharova? Malykh competed with Goncharova for three years, and she did not bring to us anything. We still have Irina Voronkova. And anyway, what is competition? It is an opposite hitter, an attacker. I can put both Yana Shcherban and Ksenia Parubets in this position, they are attacking players.

Instead of Goncharova, I can put Voronkova, and yet there is Daria Malygina, who spent the season much better than Malykh. I’m not talking about Malyh bad. I just think that she has not proven herself definitely to be in the national team in this year.

What is the elements does Malykh have? Only an attack. To claim for a place in the Russian team, only with a good attack is not enough. Is it possible to compare Malykh and Shcherban, for example? No. Shcherban with receiving, and attacks, and defends. Can Malykh for this? Let her prove that I’m wrong as a coach. And I’m happy to call her to the Russian team,”- quoted Kuzyutkin from r-sport.

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