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EUROVOLLEYM – Russia showed no mercy against Germany to win for their 14th title of European Champions

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Kraków, Poland. September 3, 2017. Russia showed no mercy against Germany to win for their 14th title of European Champions of the LOTTO EUROVOLLEY POLAND 2017 at Tauron Arena in Krakow. It was a superb unbeaten result for Russia in EuroVolleyM, Russia forwards asserted their dominance by outmuscling the German’ defence and contributing a large portion of the points with some great tries; the first of which came from Maxim Mikhailov, while consistently influential lock Dmitriy Volkov picked up a try too. Russia all-round abilities and team traits were on full force against Germany, and their form in the Grand Finale match continues to improve placing them in a dominant log position this year.

Sergey Shlyapnikov, head coach of Russia: “It was a tough final match, but it is a final of a European Championship so it cannot be an easy game. We started the match very well; however, Germany soon improved their game. I was aware that anything could happen here, because we were fighting for the gold medal. So even when Germany led 5-2 in the tiebreak, I still believed in our victory and I said it to my players as well.”

Maxim Mikhailov, player of Russia and MVP of the tournament: “It is an amazing result, especially since we had not won a gold medal for quite some time, so it gives even more value to it. This victory will give us even more confidence. A victory is a victory and now we can celebrate for being the European champions. We showed on court that we are a strong team.”

Dream Team:

MVP: Maxim Mikhailov (Russia)
Best Setter: Sergey Grankin (Russia)
Best Opposite Hitter: György Grozer (Germany)
Best Outside Hitter: Denys Kaliberda (Germany)
Best Outside Hitter: Dmitry Volkov (Russia)
Best Middle Blocker: Srecko Lisinac (Serbia)
Best Middle Blocker: Marcus Bohme (Germany)
Best Libero: Lowie Stuer (Belgium)

2017 CEV Men’s European Championship.

Kraków, Poland. Finals.

Germany vs Russia 2-3 (19-25, 25-20, 22-25, 25-17, 13-15)

Germany: Fromm 11, Schott 2, Kaliberda 13, Bohme 7, Grozer 27, Kampa 3, Hirsch, Zenger L, Zimmermann, Krick 14

Russia: Vlasov 7, Volvich 7, Grankin 1, Volkov 14, Berezhko 3, Butko 1, Zhigalov 4, Mikhailov 19, Klyuka 4, Kurkaev 6, Golubev L, Martynyuk L

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