12:26 am - Sunday November 19, 2017

Vladimir Alekno: Will I return to the national team? I will not say “NO”

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(Photo/Zenit Kazan)

The head coach of the Zenit Kazan Vladimir Alekno said whether he misses working in the Russian team. Now he is not ready to return to the national team, according to Izvestia SPORT.

“I gave too much time, energy and vitality to this team to be indifferent to it.”

Do you suppose that you will ever return?

“There’s nothing to deny. So I will not say no. But today the national team does not need me. In addition, work in the national team is special. Here contracts and money do not play any role. If you work honestly, you need to give what you have inside. Much than to sacrifice, including personal life. Now I’m not ready for such victims.

– And if you are invited to lead the national team of another country, what will you answer?

– I did not consider this possibility. Time will tell. While all the proposals that I receive, end with one call. Me and in Kazan everything is completely satisfied.

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