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Sheshenina? Babeshina? 32-year-old Setter – “I still have a dream to win the Olympic Games”

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32-year-old Setter, which many fans remember under the girl’s name Sheshenina – on the transition from Uralochka-NTMK to Dinamo Moscow this season. According to Vladimir Ivanov, a special interview for Marina Babeshina.

– Why we did not find you in the Russian national team this season? Former head coach of the national team Vladimir Kuzyutkin was offended that you told him about the end of your career, andyou signed a contract with Dinamo Moscow.

– When I had a conversation with Vladimir Ivanovich, for family reasons, I was not really ready to come to the team. But I did not intend to finish my career, and I never said anything to him.

– What is your position in relation to the team now?

– Everything in the hands of the coach. It is necessary first that I was invited into the national team.

– If you are called in the next year, will you come without questions?

– It will be seen in the next year. Who knows what circumstances will be at that time?

– Do you remember when you played the last match for the national team?

– It was before the birth of the child. It turns out – in 2009.

– If you return to the team next year, then you will do it after a nine-year break. I do not know if such precedents existed. Already for the sake of it is worth doing it.

– Yes, probably (laughs).

– What is volleyball for you now?

– I read the book of Ekaterina Gamova and it is very funny when she tells about the moments that we experienced together. In doing so, they cause us to have similar emotions. For example, we were brought up so that we both perceived the silver of the 2004 Olympics as a defeat. And till now from the second place in Athenes, I have some such incomprehensible feelings. Although, if you think, the second place at the Olympics is cool! Many people dream of just getting there. Now there is some rethinking. Although recently, I caught thinking that winning the Russian championship is always a pleasure and joy, but I want to win the Champions League. And somewhere there are thoughts about the Olympic Games. Yes, I still have a dream to win them.

– You moved to the capital Dinamo. Why?

– This is a club that fights for victory in all tournaments, which participates.

– But on your position as a Setter, there is already Ekaterina Pankova (she moved to Zarechie) and Vera Vetrova.

– Competition is always interesting. Yes, and I want to start a new stage in my life. We all discussed with the family and decided that we should try. When you have a husband and a child, you start to think a little differently. And I do not refuse such offers.

– Do you mean financial conditions?

– Yes, the team is good.

– Moscow did not frighten?

– In fact, before, I did not perceive Moscow as a city for life. I am very homey, but here such a metropolis. I thought, with my craving for coziness here it will be difficult. I arrived with my husband by car – and did not understand how I would move here. But some time passed, I began to get used to it a little, and now I do catch myself thinking that I like Moscow. You can find a time when there are no traffic jams on the roads, and there are enough opportunities and interesting places here. On a day off I want to take my hands in my legs and run to watch something. So much for myself and for the child. Here we bought tickets to the puppet theater.

– That’s great.

– The child’s birthday, and I asked Nastya what she wants. “I want to go to the theater,” she replies. I’ve already opened my mouth. Grows in the family of athletes, and pulls into art. Cool!

– How did you release Nikolai Karpol from Uralochka? Previously, he took very close to heart the withdrawal of each player.

– Let’s just say so. But I always try to finish the relationship on a good note. I do not know if I got it now, but I really hope so. Because I treat Nikolai Vasilyevich with warmth, respect and love. This man gave me the road to big volleyball. To say that I betrayed him by leaving, it would be too loud, but for him, “Uralochka” is a native child. And when leaving the man he was brought up in it, he is very worried. With the advent of my daughter, I began to understand Karpol more. But in the modern world, players change clubs much more often than before. This must be accepted.

– Is it true that he has aged with age, has become softer?

– Yes, He really is. It’s not for nothing that they say: that it’s old, that it’s young. Now, first, he does not have enough strength for everything, as it was before. And, secondly, probably, some understanding has really come. He brought up several generations. The children of those now play, whom he still knew about it. Like, Smirnova, Ilchenko. He called me Nastya, and  said “I need to educate you”. He feels good in the role of grandfather – especially when young children come. He is so nice to talk with them. Nikolai Vasilyevich in life in general is different, not the same as on the court. But even on the court he got better.

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