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Forever love: Beautiful brides from 2009 – 2013

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One time, for lifetime; strikingly come to weddings


There is always someone, bringing light to the darkness, and lighting your way. One day he or she really walks into your life, and then you realize that love is always worth waiting for. Maybe to someone, the happiest thing is, to love and be loved. Lovers enjoy the joy of love, take hands, and finally walk into holy matrimony. Great love makes couples share happiness and sorrow, and look outward together in the same direction till the life ends. While wedding, a significant decision, which is more than a dream coming true, appears for one time, and will last for a lifetime.

From 2009 – 2013, 18 players of Russian Women’s Volleyball gets married, and make up perfectly satisfactory families. Congratulations to them on their marriage! They are on their best day. In wedding dress, they are also stunning. Weddings strikingly come to! So now, let’s focus on such wonderful moments. (russiavolley.com)


●Ekaterina Starodubova (Tretyakova) – married on 2009


Ekaterina Starodubova (Tretyakova), born 19 October, 1984, known as the libero of Russia Women’s National Volleyball Team, current Libero of Dinamo Moscow club, married to Sergey Tretyakov. Katyusha gave birth to her little boy on 2010 and named as Alexandr Tretyakov.


●Yulia Andrushko (Tsvetkova) – married on 2 July 2010


Zhenya & Yulia big day on 2 July 2010 at Saint Petersburg. This young boy & girl gets married, and to prove how love made this 2 sweet couples stay together. Congratulations Zhenya and Yulia!!

Their good friends all invited to the party and share their happiness such as Alina Butko, Katya Orlova, Natalia Alimova and so.

Evgeny Tsvetkov is a volleyball player born in Russia. He spent his career in Rennes Volley in France on 2008-2010 ; VC Dinamo Moscow on 2004-2007 ; AS Cannes Volley on 2007-2008

Yulia Andrushko (Tsvetkova) is a volleyball player born in Belarus, after she changed her nationality to Russia. She spent her career in Leningardka Saint Petersburg and took part in the game of Olympic Qualification for Russian National Team on 2008.


●Marina Sheshenina (Babeshina) – married on 2010


Marina Sheshenina (Babeshina), known as the setter of Russia Women’s National Volleyball Team, married to Alexey Babeshin, a volleyball player in Zenit Kazan. Marina gave birth to a little baby girl with her beloved husband Alexey Babeshin called as Anastasia Babeshina.


●Maria Duskryadchenko (Perepelkina) – married on 2011


Maria Duskryadchenko (Perepelkina), is a well-known Middle Blocker in the national team. She was born in 9 March 1984, Kazakhstan. Alexander Perepelkin, borin in Saint Petersburg, 31 May 1982, is a volleyball coach of Cherepovets Severstal club.


●Tatiana Kosheleva (Kuzina) – married on 7 November 2011


Tatiana Kosheleva (Kuzina), known as the famous outside hitter of Russia Women’s National Volleyball Team & Dinamo Moscow club, married to Fedor Kuzin, born in Kaliningard, 8 June 1982, is a current statistician of women’s national team. Fedor Kuzin was invited to work for National Team on 2009, this couples started their love on 2010.


●Ekaterina Kabeshova (Ulanova) – married on 2011


Ekaterina Kabeshova (Ulanova), known as the Libero of Russia Women’s National Volleyball Team, married to Ivan Ulanov, a football player of CSKA. What’s a pretty bride!


●Tatiana Gorshkova (Kholina) – married on 2011


Tatiana Gorshkova (Kholina), you may know, once appeared in Russian Women’s National Volleyball Team in 2002 and played for Zarechie Odintsovo, turns beautiful bride! She was married to Valeriy Kholin.


●Ekaterina Osichkina (Yerohina) – married on 2011


Ekaterina Osichkina (Yerohina), A Middle Blocker, who played for Avtodor Metar  and moved to Dinamo Krasnodar last season, married to Kirill Yerohin.


●Regina Moroz (Dmitrieva) – married on 2011


Regina Moroz (Dmitrieva), A Middle Blocker, playing for Dinamo Kazan was married to Oleg Dmitriev.


●Anna Moiseenko (Zaikova) – married on 2011


Anna Moiseenko (Zaikova), played for Cherepovets Severstal, married to Dmitri Zaikov in a wedding dress instead of sport wears. Is she pretty?


●Irina Stratanovich (Kuznetsova) – married on 2011


Irina Stratanovich from Dinamo Kazan, debuted on U-20 European Championship in 2007, She became a lovely bride, married to Vitaly Kuznetsov, a Triumph Basketball player.


●Yulia Silina (Pettilä) – married on 2011


Yulia Silina (Pettilä) past played for St.Petersburg Leningardka, married to Konya Pettilä, past VC Guberniya, current Dinamo Krasnodar Scoutman.


●Tatiana Fuks (Valieva) – married on 2011


Tatiana Fuks, Libero of Dinamo Kazan, married to Aydar Valiev, a club administrator.


●Natalia Safronova (Molchanova) – married on 2011


Natalia Safronova, once played for Russian National Volleyball Team as a hitter, got serious ill and in a coma for nearly 30 days in 2009. Where there is love, there are always wishes. She married to Sergey Molchanov. Due to the health condition of Natalia Safronova, their wedding was puts off till now.


●Natalia Goncharova (Obmochaeva) – married on 2012


Natalia Goncharova (Obmochaeva) born in Ukraine, 1 June 1989, known as the famous opposite hitter of Russia Women’s National Volleyball Team & Dinamo Moscow club, married to Alexey Obmochaev, born in Kislovodsk, 22 May 1989, a 2012 London Olympic Champion, a libero of Dinamo Moscow club.


●Ekaterina Gamova (Mukaseyeva) – married on 2012


Ekaterina Gamova (Mukaseyeva), 2 times world champion, a well-known opposite hitter of Russia Women’s National Volleyball Team & Dinamo Kazan Club. Her husband is a Film Director – Mikhail Mukasey. After a long journey in representing the national team, Katya was deceived to start her new life.


●Lesya Makhno (Evdokimova) – married on 7 January 2013


Lesya Makhno (Evdokimova) born in Poltava region, 4 September 1981, an outside hitter of Russia Women’s National Volleyball Team & Dinamo Kazan Club. Egor Evdokimov is a Handball player, 9 March 1982, 201cm tall, he played in Chekhovskiye Medvedi club in Moscow.


●Ekaterina Pankova (Kosyanenko) – married on 2013


Ekaterina Pankova (Kosyanenko), born 2 February, 1990, the Best Setter of 2013 European Championship, a well-known Head Coach Vadim Pankov’s daughter, she is a setter of Russia Women’s National Volleyball Team & Zarechie Odinstovo Club. However, her little brother Pavel Pankov is also a Setter of Men’s National Team. On 2013, after European Champioship, Ekaterina Pankova gets married to Alexander Kosyanenko.


“Your world is weaving words in my mind and your joy is adding music to them. You give yourself to me in love and then feel your own entire sweetness in me.”

”Congratulations to the 18 couples again on their weddings! We hope their love will last forever!!

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