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Gamova returns ; Sokolova returns too?

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gamisokoThe Russian team will play the first match in Grand Prix 2014 on August 1 in Ankara. A day earlier, it was found that at the end of this tournament, our team will strengthen with Ekaterina Gamova, she has agreed to play at the World Championships in Italy. The correspondent of SE questioned head coach Yuri Marichev.

– After the 2012 Olympics, Gamova announced about her departure from the national team. Now she is back and according to her, at this stage is a feat by your phone call.

– Yes, we called up recently. – confirmed Marichev. I suggested Katya to take part in the World Championships. She agreed right away with the condition, that this decision should be supported by her family and heads of Dinamo Kazan. It is pleased to have received a call from her.  Ekaterina called back and once again reaffirmed her willingness to play in Italy.

– And it was not thought that you declare Gamova will be  on the Grand Prix already?

– No. The main start of the season – it’s still the World Championship. But I hope that Ekaterina can connect to the course of the Grand Prix by training with the national team. Most likely, it will happen on the home stage in Kaliningrad 15 – 17 August. Up to this point, while the team will go all over the world.

– Head coach of Dinamo Kazan Rishat Gilyazutdinov came in mid-July at the Yeltsin Cup in Yekaterinburg. You and him talked a lot, is it for the return of Gamova?

– We talked about volleyball. In this situation, I, as a coach of the national team, had no right to put pressure on the club. If Dinamo does not let Gamova go to national team, it would take it for granted. However, I never hid his desire to see if Ekaterina will be in the team. She spent a brilliant season, she brings Dinamo to the victory in the national championship, the Club World Championship and the Champions League. It is understood that any coach in my place would have dreamt to get a part of such a player.

Yes, in the last year, we won the Universiade and the European Championship without Gamova. However, at World Championship, we are waiting for much more serious competition. Let’s be objective: at the moment the Americas and Asians set the fashion in women’s volleyball team. And I’m happy that Gamova will help us in the fight against them.

– Gamova returned. And what about the other two-time world champion Lyubov Sokolova? You have repeatedly stressed that would like to see them in Italy and their attacks.

– I have not changed her position. It remains to wait for the decision of Sokolova. I know that Luba completed the season with an injury, it takes more time to recover. However, for World Championship, I hope she will be in order.

I myself have not yet called Sokolova, I will do it later. But to feel the pulse in this matter is constantly keeps my assistant Konstantin Ushakov – her coach in Dinamo Krasnodar. He does not fly with the team at Grand Prix, and in August will be able to directly observe the training of Luba in Krasnodar. Ushakov will return to the national team in September. I would like to work with Sokolova together.

– Let’s talk about Grand Prix. As long as no part of Gamova nor Sokolova, who want to assign most of the load in an attack – just joined the team Natalia Obmochaeva or less experienced, but plenty enough in this summer of Natalia Malykh?

– In Ankara, the start Six will go to Malykh. Obmochaeva is just receiving ful training less than two weeks – this is not enough to get in shape. Here is the second stage of Grand Prix in Sao Paulo. I am counting on Obmochaeva. In general, we plan to try out several tactical options. Benefit of the rivals are very serious – review should turn out what is called, in the Hamburg score.

– With the advent of Tatiana Kosheleva’s reception, the Russian team should greatly improve. Agree that as long as this is our most problematic element?

– According to the tournament in Montreux and Yeltsin Cup, it make far-reaching conclusions incorrect. First of all it was a test for the young. Someone withstood the test, someone – no … Ahead of us are waiting for the game to a higher level and intensity. And the appearance of Kosheleva is a huge gain.

– As you can see, the teamhad a difficult schedule  , and passes to the Final Six in fact four – two more winners will receive to Japanese woman and the second division of Grand Prix. So maybe it is not necessary to tear into the final round, while maintaining strength for World Championship?

– Of course, the schedule of the Grand Prix puts our members, in the elite division is not entirely equal conditions. Let us say, Serbia never plays with us, American, Brazilian and Italian. Then we will on a visit to Brazil, and the same with States meet in twice…However, I was always more concerned about not the tournament decomposed, but the game of the team. And I know that if we can show our volleyball, then we can get into the Final Six and will fight for the title. On this tune, what will happens it is all depends on us.

– In Brazil and the United States who still classifies to favorites in Grand Prix?

– China, of course. European teams will highlight Germany and Turkey, but provided that they will expose the optimum compositions. Serbia lost due to injuries of Brakocevic and Antonevic. For sure Italy via the Grand Prix will be prepared to the World Championship at home, so that this team would be difficult to break into the Final Six. Japan? With the game in Asian women everything is all right, as we saw them in Yeltsin Cup. But on the status of a favorite, they also do not pull.

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