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Zé Roberto apologizes to Gamova: “I lost the opportunity to keep quiet”

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Coach of the women’s national team of Brazil admits that he should not have commented on that the attacker Gamova received a “truckload of money” to return to play for Russia.

The coach of the women’s volleyball team of Brazil, José Roberto Guimarães, commented on the controversy between his name and Ekaterina Gamova. In the training this Thursday at the Center for Development of Saquarema, the triple Olympic champion coach apologized for saying that the Russian star returned to the selection of her country after receiving “a truckload of money” and put an end to the case.

Zé Roberto acknowledged the comment was out of hours and said the reaction to Gamova was polite. When he learned that the Brazilian said she had agreed to return to defend her country after receiving the Russian giant 2,02m tall “a truckload of money” backfired that, in fact,  there were “two truckloads of money.

– I think she was extremely polite in her reply. It was one of those moments that I think I missed the opportunity to remain silent. It was a comment I made in the mixed (local interviews in competitions) zone, was not during an interview, and someone with big ears heard and published it. But it is a moment that I should have kept my mouth shut. She’s right, I have to apologize for it. What will happen to her and the Russian team is none of my business. So really it was a moment that I had to keep quiet, but it happened – recognized Zé Roberto.

After the 2012 Olympic Games, the 33 years old Russian player had announced her retirement from the Russian team. Recently, however, reversed her decision. Listed as one of the stars of Italy’s World Championship, which will be held from September 23 to October 12, the coach joked Gamova three weeks ago, when he learned the comment made and published during the Grand Prix.

The response to the Brazilian Coach from Gamova:

“Our answer Ze Roberto – head coach of Brazil’s volleyball! Dear coach Z, in an interview you said that I was given a truck of money for their participation in the Russian team! To inform you that the information is not accurate. The truck was not one, but two. Also for me was purchased a villa in Rio de Janeiro on the coast near you. We will be in the evenings in slippers to visit each other’s homes, discuss the world of volleyball and drink caipirinha. Regards Katya Gamova.”

“Наш ответ Зе Роберту – главному тренеру сборной Бразилии! Уважаемы тренер Z, в своем интервью вы утверждаете, что за мое участие в сборной России мне отвалили целый грузовик денег! Сообщаю вам, что информация не совсем точная. Грузовик был не один, а целых два. Еще мне приобрели виллу в Рио де Жанейро на побережье по соседству с вами. Будем по вечерам в домашних тапочках ходить друг к другу в гости , обсуждать вопросы мирового волейбола и пить кайпири́нью. С Уважением Катя Гамова.”

Brazil and Russia are in different pool in the first phase of world championship. The 2-time Olympic champion team is in Group B alongside to Serbia, Turkey, Canada, Cameroon and Bulgaria. Russia, the 2-time World Champion Russia is in Group C, along with the United States, Thailand, The Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Mexico.

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[…] BREAKING: Zé Roberto apologizes to Gamova: “I lost the… […]


[…] BREAKING: Zé Roberto apologizes to Gamova: “I lost the… […]