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The Best Team Jersey ; The Best Mizuno Designer

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In a professional game, beside good technique, coaching team and a group of supporters, you also need a quality game jersey to boost your performance. Jersey of good design also can enhance visuality to audience. A successful jersey designer must possess a strong fashion sense that leads his or her design to stay ahead in the forefront of the trend. This time we bring you an exclusive interview with the Russian men and women volleyball team jersey designer – Emre Gultekin, a UK based Turkish Mizuno Designer. During the interview, we can get to know how he works out the latest design for men’s and women’s team and where the inspiration comes from.

– This year the design of men’s uniform has incorporated the double-headed eagle emblem and the women’s one has incorporated the flowers patterns. How did you come up with this idea?

Russia Men’s Volleyball Team can be compared to the national football team in Brazil. They have already won many gold medals and titles, and many more to add. Currently, the world ranking of Men’s team and Women’s team are No 2 and no 7 Respectively. Russian Volleyball teams well deserve to wear signature kits including jersey on the courts like Brazil National Football Team.

0_USA_2015_coverTherefore, I studied well and created a mood-board to find out “what is Russia famous for, the national and cultural elements of Russia” Then, I came up with an idea to celebrate the country’s power and tradition. The “double-headed eagle emblem” for Men’s Team has been used since the reign of Ivan 3 and it means a lot for the Russian people. I modified this beautiful emblem with the parallel stripes on the jersey as well as on their training wear.

About women’s kit, my idea is more feminine-inclined. I was inspired by the “flower patterns of Matryoshka dolls”. This is a very traditional pattern, symbolizing beauty and elegance of Russian women.

– Is there any other features on the uniforms?

Yes. I had to find something to connect with these patterns on both jerseys. This was a quote featuring the national anthem, “a mighty will, great glory”. This appeared in inside the back collar of jersey, intending to give extra motivation or strength to players.

– Have you encountered any difficulties when you design the kits and full teamwear set?

Not really. Everything went really well. I did all designs and my two Japanese colleagues gave a very good presentation to the Federation. They were doing a great job on sample processing as well. We all communicated very well and delivered the full range on time.

– Comparing the designs for other national teams or for clubs, is there any difference?

Following the my market research, I analysed some major national teams, club teams and other brands. According to my researches, some of the national teams have really great designs. I respect to all brands, but I have to say that Mizuno is one of the best brands in Volleyball category and we have to be innovative and inspirational in every tournament. This year, our kit designs are expressing tradition and power same as USA’s one. I didn’t see any similar concept on other teams kit designs and many supporters wanted to buy these jerseys.

– What are the criteria you think important for a jersey for national team? What does team jersey mean to the team? Playing a significant role or not?

I think the innovation is a key thing on volleyball jerseys as well as on other sports jerseys. Emotional design elements should follow the innovation. You have to provide both to make the athletes perform well and be proud of their teams.

– Which year’s design of uniform (both men’s and women’s national teams) is your most favorite?

Of course, this year’s jerseys-)

– Finally, do you love Russian volleyball teams? Which player are you looking forward to seeing him or her wearing your design?

My favourite Russian volleyball players are Natalia Malykh and Ekaterina Kosianenko. The red jerseys really fit on them especially.

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where can i buy the volleyball team jersey


I agree. One of the most beautiful and imaginative jerseys in volleyball lately. The white and blue one for women is my favorite one!

walter veroneze

I like buy a t-shirt jerseys of russian volleyball. Where is buy this?


Hi I am a big fan of russia volleyball team. May I know if the men’s jerseys are for sale?