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Volero, Rabita and Azerreyl are ready to consider participation in the women’s Russian Championship 17/18

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Swiss club Volero ready to consider participation in the women’s championship of Russia, if the Russian Volleyball Federation (VFV) request to the club with an official proposal and the draft of the Tournament, informed from the owner of the club Stav Yakobi.

In the season-2016/17, the Russian women’s Super League come out ten domestic clubs. Previously, Vladislav Fadeev has informed to the agency of r-sport that preliminary negotiations with Volero and Azerbaijani club Rabita and Azerreyl about their participation in the championship of Russia in the next season.

“When there is an official proposal, as VFV sees the organization of the tournament, then it is possible something concrete to say. We can not leave the Swiss championship and act only in the Russian tournament. It will be necessary somehow to coordinate participation in the two championships. How it is possible, what kind of the formula, the flights, and the legal aspects, these are the most important questions. If there is a formal offer from Russian Volleyball Federation, we will certainly look at it. We are interested in.”- said Yakobi.

“This conversation (about the participation of Volero in the Russian Championship) was held, but the preliminary is unofficial. The question must be considered when there is more or less clear draft of the tournament from VFV, and a formal proposal. I am cautiously optimistic in this matter. I must not give advice to the federation, how to organize such an open championship. The initiative must proceed from VFV. We are ready to consider.” – Yakobi added.

According to the owner of Volero, it is extremely important to think over the logistics of the open championship of Russia. Places in the Eurocup are distributed to the federations. Volero claims a leading position in the Champions League and to represent Switzerland in the tournament. The logistics of championship with the participation of foreign clubs is very important moreover. It is impossible to our team of 9-11 times flew in Russia round-trip at the preliminary stage of the championship. This is unreal neither on the time nor on the expenditures.” – said Yakobi.

“If this can be arranged from the point of view of logistics, the participation of Volero in the championship of Russia would be mutually beneficial. This would strengthen in the Russian Super League, and it would give to us a play load at a good level. Unfortunately, Volero has very little matches in the season, in which we can play at a high level of concentration.”- summed up by Yakobi from r-sport.

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