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Vladimir Kuzyutkin: In my work, I’ll rely on our leaders – Kosheleva, Goncharova, Zaryazhko, Shcherban

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The new head coach of Russian national team Vladimir Kuzyutkin gave an interview to the correspondent of Andrey Ljovin, in which he outlined the problems of the national team, the popularity of volleyball and compared the attitude of the game among women and men.

– Vladimir Ivanovich, what did you do between the last and the new place of work? How you were occupied?

– The last place of work was one of the Bulgarian teams where I worked as a consultant. My old friends worked there. After the World Championship 2014, I coached the national team of Bulgaria, I was rested and in 2015, I started to consult women’s club of this country, including helped to organize the training process. After that, I really did not do anything, just resting. It was lasted only six months. Then, at the end of 2016, I was followed by the proposal of our federation. And I was completely immersed by thoughts into the composite already.

I wish to note that the thought I am not on the establishment of a team – it was already there. In the team there are people, and I was already said not once time that did not cause doubts. There is a core. But the core, it’s still not the whole team. And in the team simply because people do not take. It is impossible to say willful decision: “So, here take this, this and that out.” And then when something goes wrong, break his head. So, while now we have been given to the fact that, to not make any mistakes, to naturally attach new players to this core. This is our goal in the 2017: minimize errors in the selection of new players, to meet with all of the team in the 7-8 peoples out in 15.

– How are these meetings?

– It may be a personal meeting, and during the training time of teams. I find and have contract with many coaches: Pankov and Karpol, in principle with many others.

– You return from your rest, how can and should the coach to self-developed during prolonged “leaves”?

– There is a very good phrase: “Learn from everyone, do not imitate anyone.” In principle, this can be written as my advice to the beginning coaches. I personally consider that it is better to underestimate itself. I’m learning in all my lives. Even now, I do not hesitate to ask someone to look at and to take weapons. If the coach wants, he learns, but if he did not want, nothing will learn. Incidentally, the same applies to the players. If an athlete is internally resists or he is lazy person by nature, then you’re with him will make nothing.

One of my first teachers was Vitaly Grigorevich Zenovich. Now his son Andrey is the best referee in the world. Apart from my way were encountered Vyacheslav Platonov, and Nikolai Karpol, and many others.  And each of them gave something to me. I believe that the coach should be curious and do not hesitate to seek for advice from others. Otherwise, it is doomed to the stagnation. This is the whip of many contemporary young coaches who think that they know everything, but in the end, we didn’t see anything.

– Whether you will meet with Yuri Marichev or be based on his experience?

– First of all, I want to say that absolutely nothing bad about the work of Marichev and I can not say about the results of Marichev’s team. All those who want to say something already said but I do not intend to repeat it. Elena Godina was expressed herself well according to this entire situation. She knew the psychological aspects of the situation is not hearsay. And Nikolai also described about the situation on the formation of the team.

I know Yuri for a long time ago. Now I wish him success in men’s volleyball. But to meet him and talk about him, I do not think this is make sense. What I can say to him? All that I needed, I saw.

– Marichev often accused of that team created from one of the club. Whether will your team in this basic club?

– Paradoxically, there is no such club in our country now. At least 4 players will come from Dinamo Moscow, but there are players also from Enisey, Zarechie, Uralochka and Leningradka. So what is the club to call the basic? I was a little interested in the quantitative representation of the clubs. Of course, the contribution of Dinamo Moscow in the Russian national team is large, but I would not want to call it as basic. There are still two months before the first collection, and life can make their own adjustments. I think less of the basic team: in my opinion, in the national team must be located the best players regardless of the club.

– Can you directly name the starting six now?

– No way! This is not widely for any coach to call the composition of three months before the games.

– What to expect from the composite at the nearest tournament?

– Any my answer now can be perceived incorrectly. I as a coach, I think fans want to expect success. In my work, I’ll rely on our leaders – Kosheleva, Goncharova, Zaryazhko, Shcherban. And I want to wish them health. Together with them would be carried out my dreams and plans. If all are healthy, then I hope that the success will come.

If we speak philosophically, i.e., the gap between those whom I named now, and all the others. I think that this gap can be eliminated.

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