11:36 am - Saturday June 23, 2018

Federation has the right to limit participation in the Russian Superleague of those who do not want to play for the national teams

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The Russian Volleyball Federation (VFV) has the right to limit the participation in the Russian championship of players who refuse to compete for Russian teams, according to the general secretary of the VFV Alexander Yaremenko from r-sport agency.

In 2016, from participation in the Pre-Olympic selection refused from the middle blocker of the Russian national team Dmitriy Muserskiy, who was not subsequently punished by the VFV.

“The Federation has the right to limit the participation (in the Russian championship) of athletes who do not have the right to compete for the Russian national team or they refused to do so. This is not an innovation, and this is not a threat to those who refuse to speak for the Russian national team. The game for the national team of Russia is voluntary and before appear into the current championship, all players should sign the agreement – “I agree to play for the Russian team” or do not sign. If a person refuses, we do not have the right to punish him, but to limit his participation in the tournament, this is the right of the federation. On each occasion will be a separate decision.” – Yaremenko said over the phone.

“There were no cases of refusals after Sergey Shlyapnikov was appointed to the post of head coach of the Russian team, and I am surprised that this topic is now being raised.” – added the Secretary General of the VFV.

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