11:36 am - Saturday June 23, 2018

Ekaterina Gamova: Russian Volleyball has many problems and it may eventually die?

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Two-time World Champion, Ekaterina Gamova was included in the discussion about the problems in Russian volleyball, commenting on the statement of Dmitriy Muserskiy about that which now is done all so that volleyball in Russia finally would die.

(According to the official twitter of Dmitriy Muserskiy, which he quoted the interview of Sergey Shlyapnikov. “Всё делается для того, чтобы волейбол в России умер окончательно” )

“Dima’s emotions are clear to me. Each athlete is experiencing for his sport and desires only best for his development. This remark of Dmitriy is his personal opinion.

Our volleyball has many problems now, including from a financial point of view — are pulled down the team, the composition of the league is decreasing, now the option is even considered with the involvement of foreign teams in our championship for the next season. Of course, all this is not from a good life.

Therefore, we all want Russian volleyball to become better, there were fewer problems in it, it was interesting for the spectators and it showed on the central channels. These are the main problems and aspects that I am concerned.

With regard to the recent appointments of the head coaches of the team, it is the choice of the leaders of the federation – they are responsible for the result. I believe that we have coaching staff who could compete in the elections.” – quotes Gamova from Soviet Sport.

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