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Alexander Kimerov: I am willing to pay the whole cost of the seat in the emergency exit, but the stewardess refused

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The incident that occurred with the opposite hitter of Fakel Volley Alexander Kimerov on board of the plane of “Victory” airline, departed on March 12 from Samara to Moscow. Alexander commented on his situation, according to the official website of the club.

– Me and several players from Fakel for the personal reasons departed from Samara to Moscow earlier than the entire team. We got on board on the plane and took our seats. Unfortunately, with the registration I did not provide the purchase of ticket in the seat at the emergency exit, where for such large passengers are certainly more comfortable.

Therefore, I asked the stewardess, if it is possible to transplant me there. The stewardess answered that these seats are more expensive than usual, and when I offered to pay her the whole cost right there (on the plane), she refused. Our conversation was heard by the girl, who was sitting just at the emergency exit, and agreed to change with me. However, the stewardess asked us to return our own seats. My height is 215 cm, and I physically could not fit in my chair, I had to put my knees in the passage.

By this I again caused the disturbance of stewardess, and on all my exhortations, that anthropometric data and basic laws of physics do not make possible for me completely to be squeezed into the narrow aperture between the armchairs, the girl answered that she would call the police now. As a result, it really came two policemen who said that I was rowdy, and asked to leave the plane. I explained the situation, and other passengers who were with me in the cabin, also confirmed that I did not in any way to violate public order by no means.

It would seem, the representatives of law-enforcement agencies this convinced, and they left. But then they returned, moreover already four together. Also have informed, that the stewardess has written the statement about me. Understanding entire absurdity of situation, but being law-abiding citizen, I obeyed and together with the policemen left the aircraft cabin. I flew to Moscow in a few hours later, along with the entire team.

Video from Alexander Volkov

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