12:22 am - Sunday April 22, 2018

“Pobeda” Airline will sue Alexander Kimerov

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The press secretary of Pobeda (Victory) airline (low-cost airline) Elena Selivanova stated that we will not apologize to the opposite hitter of Fakel Novy Urengoy Alexander Kimerov for being removed from Samara from Moscow, but will sue him.

“He had booked a specific place, which is indicated in the boarding pass, this seat is near the passage where he did not want to sit. He swapped the seat with another passenger, and then he was sitting down in the seat with an increased legroom at the emergency exit. This is prohibited by the rules of the airline. It was repeatedly asked to return to his seat, he returned, but aggression has already begun. We will go to law court, because of his behaviour, we had a half-hour delay, this is a rather big expense for the airline.”

He demonstratively exposed his legs in the passage, was rude to flight attendants and threatened. Along with him on board were other volleyball players, but they behaved decently, they sat in their seats, the scenes were not rolled up.” – Selivanova said on to “Says Moscow”.

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